Active Directory user and computer importing from security or distribution groups does not import as expected


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Altiris Network Discovery


When importing security or distribution groups from Active Directory, resources from the groups do not show up under organizational views and groups.


When importing from active directory, SMP will treat security and distribution groups differently than organizational units. Resources stored directly under an Organizational Unit will show up in organizational views and groups under your domain and OU. Resources that are members of a security or distribution group will not show up under organizational views and groups, this is by design.






Instead of importing security and distribution groups to organizational views and groups, you can import them to filters and then use these filters to create targets. You can import security and distribution groups to filters by using the following steps.

1. Create a new user import rule and change the import source to security groups then check the "create security group filters" box.  (When importing a distribution group you would select distribution groups as the import source and check “distribution group filter”)


2. In the same import rule, open the select security group window then add the security groups you would like to import. You will have to enter part of the name of the group you want to add in the "starts with" text box and hit the find button for it to show up in the search. Then you must add each group under "Selected Groups" by selecting them and clicking the “Add>” button.

Note: The select group list will show the security or distribution group on the left and the OUs on the right


You will have to create or change the rule to look for computers instead of users, if you also have computers that are members of your groups.

After running this rule, all of your groups should now show up under manage filters.

[Manage --> Filters --> Notification Server Filters --> Directory Filters --> %yourdomain% --> Security Groups (or Distribution Groups)]




The one other way to import security groups would be by using the role and account AD Import rule. Importing security groups this way will create accounts under security account management. These accounts can then be used for access control for the SMP Console.

[Settings --> Security --> Account Management]