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Is it possible to restore alarms after a Spectroserver goes down in a stand alone (non Fault Tolerant) Spectroserver environment?


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Is it possible to restore alarms after a SpectroSERVER goes down in a stand alone (non Fault Tolerant) SpectroSERVER environment?




1.      There is no option to restore alarms in a non fault tolerant (FT) environment.

2.      However typically in a production environment customers would be running  a FT set as best practices.

3.      In a FT environment the alarms would be syncd back the primary as follows:


a.      When a FT Primary SpectroSERVER starts up, right after model load and right before activation it will initiate a connection to the FT Secondary and synchronize alarms back to the Primary and write them to the ssAlarms.db table then proceed with activation.

b.      A Secondary should periodically do the reverse, connect to the Primary and Sync alarms to the Secondary.

c.      6. Alarms are stored in the ssAlarm table, however the table is not included in an SSdb backup.

Additional Information

Please reference the "SpectroSERVER Alarm Synchronization" section of the documentation for more information.