What is the cause of the "MDM Compliance" e-mails?


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What is the cause of the following e-mails, and can they be prevented?

Subject: MDM Compliance: Device [device name] could not be checked.

Body: The device '[device name]' registered to [user] ([user's e-mail addres]) could not be checked. Last check was [date / time].

Subject: MDM Compliance: Device [device name] is not compliant with MDM policy

Body: The device '[device name]' registered to [user] ([user's e-mail addres]) is not compliant with the MDM policy.



These notifications are sent if MDM compliance could not be checked, during the configured Device Management interval, against the device, or if the MDM compliance check succeeded but the device does not have the configured Device Policy settings. The polling frequency for MDM compliance is set in the App Center console under: Settings > Device Management > Check policy every [value] hours. The MDM compliance check may fail under the following conditions:

  • Device is powered off or asleep
  • Device does not have internet acces (e.g. WiFi is disabled, no cellular access)
  • Device is unable to communicate with the App Center server for any reason
  • End-user has disabled or removed App Center MDM functionality on the device, or the device was wiped/reset



To address the issue with the device, review the items listed above. If the device is no longer managed by App Center, locate the device under: Devices, choose Commands, then De-provision.

To reduce the frequency that MDM compliance checks are performed against the devices, adjust the polling interval located under: Settings > Device Management > Check policy every [value] hours. Note: The default polling interval is 72 hours.

To prevent these notification e-mails from occurring, disable the checkboxes for: Alert admin about policy problems (iOS only) and Alert device user about policy problems (iOS only), as desired, under: Settings > Device Management   


Applies To

  •  Symantec App Center 4.x  (and previous versions)