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Unable to Apply Policy to SCSP Agent - Policy Application Fails with "Unknown Error"


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Critical System Protection


Unable to apply updated IPS policies to Symantec Critical System Protection (SCSP) agent.

Policy application fails with "Policy Translation Failed: Unknown error"

 After enabling Trace Debugging, one of the following errors will be present in the \Symantec\Critical System Protection\Agent\scsplog\SISIPSService.log file:

TRAC,80,2013-01-11 13:02:23.625 Z-0500,T,0,,<32bit GUID>,-1,,,,,UpdateThread,,,,,,,,,Error running Translator -1073741502


TRAC,59,2012-12-12 23:59:47.243 Z-0800,T,0,,<32bit GUID>,-1,,,,,UpdateThread,,,,,,,,,Error running Translator 128



Desktop Heap Exhaustion.

In one case, the issue was a script that was running over and over but did not close the handle after it ran. This used up the desktop heap space, causing this issue, along with a Policy Override Tool failure

In another case, the cause was found to be the following:

Original 2006 article applying to Windows NT:

Explanation of the issue as applies to Win XP, Win 2003;en-us;184802



Fix homegrown script or other running process to close its handles after it runs.


For some ways to address the issue:

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This can be reproduced by running psexec (a Systernals tool) to attempt to open up a command window on the affected machine.  An error will be thrown that when researched will point back to Desktop Heap Exhaustion.