Licensing the Deployment Solution 6.9 Console by hand


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Deployment Solution


Difficulty applying licenses. Licenses are not applied when using the Licensing Utility.

License count does not update when adding licenses.


TSE's'low these steps: 


  1. Obtain the file eXpress.exe from the customer, along with the .LIC file.
  2. Rename the old eXpresss.exe for safe keeping.
  3. Swap the eXpress.exe on the TSE's computer with the one from the customer.
  4. Register product at Symantec using the licensing utility. This modifies the executable to add licenses.
  5. Send the eXpress.exe back to the customer.
  6. Move that eXpress.exe back to the original location on the customer's computer.


Applies To

Deployment Solution 6.9.