Error 19906. Some clients fail to connect to the Ghostcast session when Ghost tries to connect automatically


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Ghost Solution Suite


You PXE boot WinPE and automatically start Ghost32.exe and make it connect to an active Ghostcast Session. Some clients connect while others fail.

If you start ghost32.exe manually it all works.

Error 19906 and possibly other network errors.


WinPE has not received an IP address yet at the time that Ghost tries to connect to the Ghostcast session.
WinPE is still waiting for an IP address from the DHCP server but Ghost is already active and trying to connect...


By adding a delay command for 10-30 seconds to delay starting the Ghost32.exe WinPE now has the time to receive an IP address from the DHCP server.

One example would be to include the following ping command before calling to the Ghost32.exe.  This would pause for ~ 4 seconds while the client waits for the 4 ping packets to be sent and recieved from the local loop back.


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