KNOWN ISSUE: The selection tree on'Add Active Directory Sync Profile' page is too narrow.


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The selection tree on 'Add Active Directory Sync Profile' page is too narrow, clipping the displayed names for longer OU-s/Groups or OU-s/groups deeper in the tree. The layout of the page seems to hint that the tree is wider, but the contents are clearly clipped.

Groups/OUs can be imported, the issues does not hinder AD Sync functionality but due to the UI in some cases finding the necessary OU-s/groups to select can become an issue.


Product Defect


This is an issue specifically with ServiceDesk 7.5 GA release.


The issue will be fixed in Workflow 7.5 and the subsequent releases for both Workflow 7.5 and ServiceDesk 7.5.

To fix this in ServiceDesk 7.5, please follow these steps:

  1. Edit the file (Notepad will work fine): <ServiceDesk install folder>/ProcessManager/UserMan/Controls/ADSyncSelectionTree.ascx
  2. Replace Width="200px" with Width="100%"
  3. Save the file


Applies To


ServiceDesk 7.5