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While editing a cloned or custom report in the Symantec Management Platform Console, errors occur.





Several different types of errors may occur while editing a cloned or custom report. Some of the more common include:

Error: An error occurred on the page. Please check the log for more details. This DataSource is not in a runnable state.
Cause: Invalid SQL script is in the Parameterized Query tab from a SQL Report. This error will occur when syntax and grammar are incorrect in the SQL script, and the user has tried to go to a different tab or click on the Save Changes button.
Solution: Resolve the invalid SQL query. For example:



This is invalid in that it doesn't contain the FROM statement.


FROM vComputer


SELECT [Cost Center Name]
FROM vComputer

This is invalid in that #1 the statement "SELECT" is misspelled and #2 there is no "[Cost Center Name]" field in the vComputer view.


FROM vComputer

Error: Message from webpage. <response> <error message="Failed to initialize the Report Edit page.">, followed by a large amount of <> bracketed text.
Cause: The user has been idle in the Edit interface for too long.
Solution: The session has timed out and resulted in this error. Cancel or go to a different report or area in the Console, then come back to the report and click on Edit to continue from where the last save point was, as the prior changes were likely lost due to the timeout if they were not saved before then.

Error: Could not generate the context menu for the selected item. See the log for details.
Cause: The user attempted to right click on an asset to see the pop-up window, but no _ItemGuid reference has been created.
Solution: The _ItemGuid column must be referenced in the SQL query or fields of a custom report to be able to pass the GUID to right click or double click drilldown functions. For example:


FROM vComputer


SELECT Guid '_ItemGuid', Name
FROM vComputer

Additional information on this error can be found here:

When right-clicking a resource: An error occurred on the page. Please check the log for more details

Error: An action associated with this Report was unable to complete.
Cause: A drilldown for the report has invalid Passing Parameter values.
Solution: Click on the Drilldowns tab, and review each item's Passing Paramters values and correct any discrepancies. If no parameters exist, this can be the issue. Or if references to "_ItemGuid" are made but the SQL or fields in the report do not reference this, this can also be the issue. For example, the following is a common value:

Source: Selected Data
Field Info: _ItemGuid
Target Parameter: _ItemGuid

Additonal Troubleshooting

Review the Altiris server logs for additional information on why errors occur. These can also be used to see what the SQL query results are when parameters are used, where the results may not be what the user was expecting (incorrect SQL).

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