Product Update (PU 2013-1) Release for CCS v11.0


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


A Maintenance Pack is required to deliver the Cumulative Hot Fixes (CHFs) to CCS 11.0 customers. Additional feature enhancements are also bundled with this release.


Following is the summary of feature enhancements in Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11.0 PU 2013-1. For details on Cumulative Hot Fixes (CHF), refer to PU_2013-1_ReadMe.pdf available on the Technical Support page.

• Job Hopping Plan to collect data from assets across network zones having only one way connectivity
• PowerShell cmdlet and ISS API to export a summary of SCAP evaluation results to a LASR report for CyberScope
• PowerShell cmdlet and ISS API to export a list of assets imported into CCS both as an ESM Agent and a single asset
• Data collection status for Data Collection or Collection-Evaluation-Reporting (CER) jobs
• Homepage alerts and email notifications when the database maintenance plan is due, or a CCS Manager needs attention
• Indication on the table pane if it contains a filtered list of objects
• Optimized quick health and status job which is automatically triggered every one hour for collecting only the minimum required data
• Directing report generation jobs to other CCS Managers with reporting role, if the CCS Manager running the Report Synchronization job is busy or unavailable
• Single instance of a distinct system job is now run at a time to improve performance
• PowerShell cmdlet and ISS API to move stale assets to an asset container
• Control the file growth size for the evidence partition of the new SQL filegroup, created in CSM_reports database during the CCS 11.0 installation


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