Error "No data received from the server" occurs when using Barcode Console and trying to synchronize data from a synchronization profile


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When using the Barcode Console (Home > Service and Asset Management > Barcode > Scanning > Symantec Barcode Console Application), Synchronize is picked from the menu. Then, a sync type is picked and the Sync button clicked. The sync may continue but will fail at some point with the error "No data received from the server." Note: The same or similar error may occur when using a handheld device as well.

No data received from the server.


Defect, Etrack 3023549.

A purchase order and/or invoice has been selected in the sync profile's Procurement Types section. At least one line item (fixed, consumable or software catalog item) has never had a Manufacturer.


The workaround is to add a Manufacturer value to the fixed, consumable or software catalog items being used as line items for the selected purchase order(s) or invoice(s) for the sync profile. Note: The catalog item's Manufacturer only needs to be entered and saved. The catalog item can then be edited again and the Manufacturer field cleared, if it is not desired that it have a Manufacturer value. This will remove the "null" value from the table's field for the Manufacturer, still enabling this workaround to work with Barcode.

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