Re-Installing the PGP NetShare component once msiexec has been used to remove it


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Symantec Products


Once the PGP NetShare component has been removed via msiexec PGP_INSTALL_NETSHARE=0, it is not possible to re-enable this feature with the same version of PGP NetShare.



This is a known limitation with how the software currently works and is expected behavior.



In order to re-enable the PGP NetShare component, either Uninstall the PGP Netshare software, and then reinstall, or perform an upgrade to a newer version of PGP using the following msiexec switch:

msiexec /i PGPDesktop-newer-version.msi PGP_INSTALL_NETSHARE=1

As the above is a requirement, PGP Universal Server auto-updates to perform the install to the new version will not be possible.