Set up User Self Service Portal


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Mobile Management


You want to know how to configure and set up the User Self Service Portal options in the Symantec Mobile Management console for users to do self service management on their devices.


The user portal allows users to manage and administer their managed (corporate or personal) devices using options in the self service portal. The user portal is accessed by users from inside your corporate network. As an administrator, you determine the actions that users are allowed to perform and then set up the user portal in the Symantec Mobile Management console. No actions are allowed unless you enable the selected actions for users. The management tasks or actions that users can perform on their mobile devices include:

  • view information about devices
  • lock a device
  • wipe a device
  • check for policy updates
  • reset device passcode
  • locate a device
  • unmanage a device

Configure user portal

The User Portal Settings page in the Symantec Mobile Management console is where you configure the User Self Service Portal. Authentication should be enabled to provide a login to a secure user portal session.

To enable authentication:

  1. Select Home > Mobile Management > Settings > General Enrollment.
  2. Select Enable authentication check.
  3. Click Save changes.

To access and enable actions on the User Portal page in the Symantec Mobile Management console:

  1. Access Home > Mobile Management > Settings > User Portal.
  2. Select Enable user self-service portal.
  3. Select Enforce allowed groups- when selected, this setting requires that users must be members of an allowed group to log into the user portal.
  4. The Location page will appear to users by default. Select Disable the Location page to disable this page if your site has privacy restrictions.
  5. The portal URL provides access to the user portal. Provide this link to your users so that they can access the portal.
  6. Enter the information that you want to appear on the user portal pages:
  • Company Name- your company’s name.
  • Company Logo- click Set Logo and locate the image file.
  • Help Url- link to your help desk (optional).
  • Support Email- required contact link for support. This entry supports valid email accounts only. Accounts can be alias, but must be in a valid email form. Multiple email addresses are supported. Distribution lists that are not in a valid email form are not supported.
  • Show Login Message- message when users log in (optional).

7. Enable any of the following actions to allow users to perform the actions on their devices:

  • Send Inventory- send inventory to Symantec Mobile Management for management.
  • Update Policy- get the latest policies for the device.
  • Reset Passcode- clears the current passcode.
  • Lock Device- lock a device to prevent access to data.
  • Unmanage device- removes a device from management, which breaks the device and server membership. The device will still be visible in the Mobile Management Console, but no management actions can be done.
  • Wipe Device- wipe current settings and reset device to factory settings.

Note: Some of these options may not be available for certain mobile device types.

8. When finished, click Save changes. The user portal is now configured.