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How to configure FTP site to create a PGP back-up on remote IIS server


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We can follow the below mentioned instructions to take the backup of the PGP Universal server to a remote location using FTP site



Step1: Create a shared folder on a local drive and give full permission to required users
Step 2: Follow the below mentioned instructions to install IIS for Win 7 machines:
a. Open Control Panel and click on "Turn Windows features on or off (link)" in "Programs.
b. Click on "Internet Information Services (check box)" in "Windows Features" and expand Internet Information Services
c. Click on "FTP Server (check box)" in "Windows Features" and expand FTP Server
d. Click on "FTP Extensibility and FTP Service (check box)" in "Windows Features"
e. Click Ok to install IIS
f. Open Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative tools and double click on IIS Manager
g. Single right click on "Sites and click "Add FTP Site"
h. Type the name of the site in the first text box, browse to the shared folder that was created in Step 1 and click Next
i. Type the static IP in the IP Address text box
Note: Make sure that start FTP site automatically is checked
j. Select "No SSL" option and click Next
k. Select both the check boxes (Anonymous and Basic) under Authentication section
l. Select "Allow access to All users (You may allow access to specified users) under Authorization section
m. Give read and write permissions and click Finish
Step 3: Configure the FTP site location on the PGP server
a. Login to web interface of the PGP Universal server
b. Click System > Backups > Backup Location and select "Save backup to a remote location" option
c. Select FTP from the Protocol drop down menu
d. Type the IP address of the machine on which the FTP site is hosted
e. Leave the port number as 21
f. Type Directory path as "\"
g. Type the user name and password to authenticate the FTP site
h. Type any name for Backup configured and click save.
Note: Now whenever we initiate to take backup, it will be saved to the remote location

Applies To

Windows 7 (32bit and 64 bit OS)

PGP Universal server