Symantec Endpoint Encryption Removable Storage 8.2.1 MP3 Self Extracting Archive decryption certificate not available.


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Endpoint Encryption


Unable to decrypt a SEE Removable Storage Self Extracting Archive that was encrypted with a certificate. 

A certificate is needed for decryption. If you have a certificate on a smart card, please insert the card and then click Retry.


When a SEE Removable Storage Self Extracting Archive has been encrypted with a certificate (and not a password) it can only be decrypted if the corresponding certicate is in the local certificate store of the destination computer. If the required certificate is already present then no decryption prompt will appear during decryption. If the certificate is not present then you will see the above error.


For non smart card users make sure that the corresponding certificate is in your local certificate store.

For smart card users, if you insert the smart card then click Retry the token software prompts you for your PIN. Once you authenticate the certificates are read into the local certificate store satisfying the decryption credential requirement.

If you click Cancel instead of Retry, access to the archive is denied.