Minimal Account rights for Control Compliance Suite to collect ESX and ESXi information via VCenter


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


What are the minimal account rights needed to pull information via VCenter with Control Compliance Suite version 11?





Control Compliance Suite (CCS) 11 with SCU 2012-3 has the ability to query the VCenter for ESX\ESXi server information.  The VCenter uses Windows domain credentials for authentication.



For VCenter queries, READ only access is all that is required for the VCenter information. A Windows domain ID with READ ONLY access to VCenter will be used to connect and gather information from VCenter.

These credentials are entered into CCS by setting the VMWare Common Credentials in the credentials management section of the program.

NOTE:  On VCenter there could be restrictions placed on accounts being able to read various ESXi server information.  Ensure within VCenter that the account used is not restricted as to its ability to READ all ESXi server information.