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Upgrading Messaging Gateway (SMG) appliance without internet access using "update localinstall"


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Messaging Gateway


Instructions for updating Messaging Gateway to a later software release without internet access.


The Messaging Gateway (SMG) software can up updated without connecting to the internet using the command line 'update localinstall' command. The ISO file will need to be hosted on an HTTP or SCP server to which SMG can connect to download the ISO image.

  1. Download the SMG ISO image from the Broadcom Support Portal.
  2. Place the ISO file on local web server (HTTP).
  3. Log in as 'admin' to the SMG command line interface (CLI) via SSH.
  4. Run 'update localinstall <URL-to-ISO-file>' where URL-to-ISO-file is the path to the local web server where the image is hosted, e.g.
    update localinstall

Messaging Gateway will download the ISO file and run the software update process as if it were downloading the packages from the internet. Following the update, the ISO and temporary files will be removed from SMG to conserve disk space.

Please see the Command Line reference for details on the command line update command and Software updates best practices for Messaging Gateway for software update best practices.