How to increase Service Desk attachment file size limit for ServiceDesk 7.1 Sp2 for New incident.


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Altiris Software Development Kit (ASDK) ServiceDesk


Unable to increase the attachement size.


1.Start Symantec Workflow Manager and Open SD.Feeder.GeneralIncidentSubmitForm

2. In Primary Model Locate Form Builder Component “Create New Incident” double click and open it.

3. In the “Create New Incident” Web Form Editor locate the “Attach File” Button.

4. In “Attach File”  Edit Component switch to “User Interaction” Tab. Click the Eclipses in Forms Model. It will Open new Embedded Decision Model.

5. Now it a little tricky step there are two “Number Range Rule” Component. By default the value for this Component is set to 3145728 (i.e. 3 MB) change it to 10240000 (i.e. 10MB).

6. Reconnect the output for “Less than 10240000” and “Equal to 10240000” to “Add to fileList” Component.

7. Make sure you do the same for both the “Number Range Rule” Components.

8. Double Click the “Add File to Incident” WebForm Builder Component. Double Click the label “Files that are larger than 3 MB are not supported” and edit it, change value from 3MB to 10 MB. Click “OK”.

9. Press OK on the Embedded Decision Model. Press OK again and Publish the Workflow.

10. Now test it you will be able to attached any file to the incident up to 10 MB’s.     

Note: Attached Pdf File has complete instructions with the screenshots.

Applies To

ServiceDesk 7.1 SP 2


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