CMDB report "Assets by Type, Status, Department, Cost Center and Location" fails to work as expected


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When using the CMDB report "Assets by Type, Status, Department, Cost Center an Location", it fails to work as expected, such as data is missing or incorrect or the report takes too long to update or times out.


Working as designed and/or defect.


This report may or may not work as expected, as this report was never designed to be used with a production environment. The report's description states, "This report is a sample report...", meaning that this was designed to demonstrate how to use reports to pull data from various sources. If this fails to work, therefore, it is recommended to use various other reports instead, which are all intended to be used in a production environment and not intended to be samples-only.

Specifically, the Reports > Service and Asset Management > Picker Reports > All-Assets Simple report can be used instead. This has all functionality except it does not include the System Number (which could be added by the user by editing the report after it is cloned).

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