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How cdm probe calculates paging activity on a linux based system


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How cdm probe calculates paging activity on a linux based system


UIM 8.4x, 8.5xcdm 5.8x, 6.xx


Paging data is found by reading the file “/proc/stat” on older Linux Kernels, and “/proc/vmstat” on newer systems.

Since the data is cumulative the difference since the last data gathering is used as the basis for calculating paging in KB/s .


Typical equation that we use in cdm probe for calculating paging activity is 


paging_kbps = paging_delta * pagesize / interval



                paging delta        =            paging at time 1 – paging at time 2

                pagesize*            =            the number of kilo bytes in a memory  page           

                interval                =            (time1 - time2)



*pagesize is calculated using system call getpagesize().  This call gives the number of bytes in a memory page.

  For reference


In CDM probe we use “/proc/vmstat” file , for getting paging . 

This file contains pswpin and pswpout parameters among other paramters . paging is sum of values of pswapin and pswapout.


So we calculate paging (pswapin+pswapout) at two different time stamps as these values get updated automatically in proc/vmstat file by system itself . 

We find delta between them , then multiply this delta by pagesize(in kb) and finally divide the result by the time difference.  



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