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How to manually update CCSVM


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Control Compliance Suite Vulnerability Manager


You need to force an update for CCS VM manually.


Forcing an update on the CCS VM security console requires administrative rights.  Click on Administration/Console/Administer, then select the Updates tab on the left.   At the very bottom there will be a button labeled Manual Update.  Click this button to manually force an update on the console.

If Windows is running as a service, one can access CCS VM Security Console diagnostic functions on a separate Web-based interface. To access this browser interface, enter the URL computer that is hosting the console, followed by the path /admin/diag_console.html.


This can also be found in the console by going to Administration/Maintenance/Troubleshooting and then click on "run".

Type in "update now" and click the Execute button.

This will force the console to check for updates manually and immediately, instead of waiting for auto-update to retrieve the next update.  This will only pull updates to the console.  

To force the console to push updates to the scan engine(s) type "update engines".  The screen will then display the update pushes to any scan engine the console currently has communication with.