Error "Analysis Server 'server name' does not exist." occurs when trying to configure IT Analytics


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When trying to enter the name of the Analysis Server (SSAS) into the IT Analytics Configuration page, the error "Analysis Sever 'server name' does not exist." occurs, where 'server name' is the expected name of the server that has SSAS installed and working.

Analysis Server 'server name' does not exist.


The SSAS does not exist or the Symantec Management Platform Server (SMP) is unable to access the SSAS on the network.


IT Analytics requires an SSAS to function, along with a Microsoft SQL Reporting Server (SSRS). If the user has not yet set these up, they must be installed, configured and working before trying to use IT Analytic with them.

Use the following troubleshooting steps to help determine what the issue is, where:

  1. Verify that the server name being used is correct. This is the computer name of the server running SSAS, which may or may not be the SQL Sever name used for the SMP. Try using its hostname, FQDN or IP address as tests to see if any of these three types will enable the connection to work. If not, in a Command Prompt from the SMP, use Ping and NSLookup to verify if it can access the SSAS:

    ping server_name
    nslookup server_name

    Do these timeout or outright fail? If so, then either the name is invalid or the SMP cannot access the server across the network. Contact your DBA or Network Administrator for assistance.
  2. Is the SSAS in an instance? If so, this must be specified in the name as server name\instance name. If you are unsure, contact your DBA for assistance.
  3. Is SSAS even installed? On the SQL Server were it is expected to be installed to, log into the Analysis Server. Is this option present or do issues occur? If so, contact your DBA for assistance.
  4. Are SQL and SSAS Windows services started? On the SSAS, go to the Windows Start button > Administrative Tools > Services, then review the SQL services there, specifically SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) and SQL Server Analysis Services (MSSQLSERVER). Start these if they are stopped, if they are started already, restart them. Warning: Changing Widows services may have a negative impact on databases, such as Altiris, that use them. Consult with your DBA before making changes to these to ensure the production environment is not interrupted.
  5. Can anything other than IT Analytics access the SSAS? For example, can Excel? If not, contact your DBA or Microsoft for assistance. Information on how to do this can be found on Microsoft's web site:
  6. Ensure that the Application Identity account has sysadmin privileges on the Analysis Service.

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