PGP Universal is an encryption appliance without antivirus or antispam functionality


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We received feedback where customers reported PGP Universal not being able of filtering spam or viruses.

Certain vulnerability scanners might mark the Web Messenger functionality to attach files as vulnerable as it allows binaries with extension .exe or .vbs.


Please note that PGP Universal is an encryption appliance with the purpose to provide key management, policies for clients and different encryption services like mail encryption and web messenger.

PGP Universal does not include functionality to prevent viruses or spam filtering other than what is possible with mail policies.


PGP Universal provides mail policies which can be configured to prevent for example certain file extensions from being sent. Please refer to the Universal Administrator Guide for more details.

Antivirus or antispam functionality needs to be implemented by 3rd party products specially designed for this purpose, i.e. anti virus software on the client and anti spam gateways in the mail flow.