The Revised Date in Patch Remediation Center does not change with a revision of an update


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


1. The 'Release Date' and 'Revised Date' columns in the Patch Remediation Center (PRC) are the same even when a change has been made by the vendor.  In previous version of Patch Management the changed/revised date was displayed, why doesn't it show now?

2. When highlighting a Software Bulletin in the PRC; right-click / List Updates, the list does not reflect the software update name from the vendor to show 'v2' and the update appears to be an older version.


1. The PRC displays the original release date of the bulletin or update as the revision date.

2. The Import Patch Data for Patch Management Solution is updated with this data as soon as possible.

3. The date displayed in the PRC for release is when it was made available via the Patch Management Solution


1. The expected behavior: Display the proper update name as it is downloaded from the Vendor and display the proper revised date for that update. This issue was resolved in a Patch Management Import for Windows release on 1/28/13. Advisory: This PMImport update will cause an added amount of run time to the Import Patch Data execution complete process.

2. If the current update version is in question; drill down on the SMP (default); C:\Program Files\Altiris\Patch Management\Packages\Updates and open the update folder to view the name as provided from the vendor. If the v2 is present; the Software Update package was revised and if there was no v2; the package was not revised.

3. Patch Management Solution's goal for release is 24 hours for all English Software Update releases and 48-72 hours for all others per HOWTO3752. Additionally, if the update is revised by the Vendor and there is no change to the package; the Revised Date will remain the same as the released date.

Advisory: Patch Management Solution will not automatically deploy any revised updates if the setting detailed KM: TECH40390 are not enabled. The updates will need to be redownloaded, to get the revised packages, and the Software Update Policy re-enabled. Ensure the Software Update Policy > Advanced tab displays the advertisements enabled.



Applies To

Patch Management 7.1 SP1, SP2 and MP1