Best Practice to install Control Compliance Suite (CCS) on VMWare guest


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What is the recommended method to install CCS in a VMWare environment.   Is there a way to get better performance out of a vmware based CCS?


 By default, VMWare manages resources dynamically.  As a result, occasionally the CCS guest host will be lacking of resources.  


To archive the same performance as a physical machine modifications need to be made to the guest host.

You will want to use E1000 as the network adaptor while configuring NIC’s on your VM as opposed to vmnet

You need to dedicate the memory and CPU for that guest in the VMWare guest settings. 

NOTE: the images are just an example you will need to modify to meet the needs of your environment

Also note, when configuring the the disk please use THICK PROVISIONING instead of THIN PROVISIONING 

Without THICK PROVISIONING, the disk will experience the same situation of resources not being available. 

CCS requires dedicated disk space.

Use LSI Logic Parallel as your SCSI controller instead of VMware paravirtual.







 From this point, you can then install CCS as you would any other physical installation.  Follow the prompts and put in the appropriate information. 

 Note, you will also want to install vmware tools, as it helps with network performance as well.  This is performed after installation.