CA Workload Automation iDash report ownership change
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CA Workload Automation iDash report ownership change


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iDash Workload Automation


We have a requirement to change the reports owner name to the service account, to be able to execute the reports through CA WA iDash CLI utilities.

Unfortunately the service accounts being used in the organization only has the CA Workload Automation iDash CLI access. 

Is it possible to change the report owner name for iDash report definition? If so, How can it be achieved?


All CA Workload Automation iDash client environments


A new report can be created through iDash CLIs, using the existing report definition.

Below is an example with the procedure: 

1) Export the definition: 

 C:\Program Files\CA\idash\bin>idlist.bat -t -n jobs_autotrack_report -u resrd0142<ALL><ALL>,Type,User,Time,ID,Field,Value,Type:D,User:D<default><ALL><ALL>

 C:\Program Files\CA\idash\bin>idlist.bat -t -n jobs_autotrack_report -u resrd0142 > jobs_autotrack_report_def.out


2) Open the resultant file (jobs_autotrack_report_def.out) in a text editor and update the value for "" to the new owner.

 Execute the following, which creates a new report with updated owner name:

C:\Program Files\CA\idash\bin>idupdate -t -n jobs_autotrack_report -f jobs_autotrack_report_def.out [-r]

C:\Program Files\CA\idash\bin>

The original report owner may take necessary action [delete] the existing report after creating the new one through the CLI user as needed.

Note: The replace option (-r) is ignored as it's the owner name change.

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