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BUG REPORT:Secondary drive showing as RAW after encryption with Symantec Drive Encryption (formerly PGP WDE)


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Secondary hard drive shows RAW after encrypting this drive and adding a secondary user to the disk. This problem appears after the first time you reboot. This issue does not affect every system with multiple users and secondary drive that is encrypted.


Windows shows the drive as RAW and you get a dialog box from windows stating "The disk is drive X is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?"


This issue resulted as a failure to update the Whole Disk user information properly causing the secondary disks to become RAW.  Unfortunately, there is no fix once a drive has been corrupted in this way. This because it corrupts the MFT and the session key data used to unlock the encryption on the drive.


This root problem has been address in the following release:

  • PGP Desktop 10.2.1 MP5 and above.
  • Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3.0 and above

This version/Maintenance Pack is available for download via your account on Symantec File Connect.

Once this build has been installed on the system and repeating the steps outlined above, no corruption of the secondary disks will occur.


Applies To

This affects has been know to affect Windows clients with PGP Desktop 10.2 through 10.2.1 MP4.


1. Login to domain and install PGP Whole Disk Encryption with the above versions and enroll user 1.

2. Auto-Encrypt is enabled in policy on the PGP Universal Server's WDE policy.  Allow auto-encrypt to complete encryption on the primary disk.

3. Manually encrypt the second disk with user 1.

4. Reboot the system and confirm PGP BootGuard credentials work properly for the first user. This is expected to work properly.  Login to original domain account per step 1.

5. Logoff and login as user 2

6. Enroll the user 2 and restart the machine.

7. Enter the second user's credentials at PGP BootGuard.

8. Login to the machine as user 2. 

Result: The secondary disk will show as RAW.