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Unable to install any IT Analytics cubes


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IT Analytics


When going into IT Analytics > Cubes > Available Cubes, the cubes are listed (from the installed report packs), however, they all show that they have not met the necessary system requirements to be eligible for installation.

In Symantec Installation Manager, all installed solutions show as needing to be repaired.


Corrupted/failed install of the core Symantec Management Platform.


It has been found that if the database name in the Symantec_CMDB database and tempdb database for the Symantec Management Platform is incorrect or null, this issue may occur. To check this, run the attached SQL script in the SQL Server Management Studio. Instructions for how to use it and what to do if it finds invalid values are included inside of the script in comments. Note: As this is a Core issue, not IT Analytics or any other solution's, if the solution listed here does not work, please contact the Core Symantec Management Platform technical support team for additional assistance.

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