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Symantec Management Agent service stops because Application Metering Agent is crashing.


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IT Management Suite


The Symantec Managment Agent service continually stops running shortly after it has been started (autmatically or manually).

The windows event logs only show that the service has stopped running "N" times.

The agent logs contain the following warning which is relevant:

Module: AMAgent.dll

Source: CAgent::UpdateOverrides

Description: Error updating overrides



A defect in the Application Metering agent . The crash is futher inside AMAgent!CKnownAs::CheckAgainstKnownAsVector, when
code tries accessing members of m_pcKnownAs.  

Essentially the agent code requests information in an area where it is not expecting to receive a NULL value but receives one anyway.


There is a pointfix attached to ETrack 2893513 which resolves the problem. The fixed code will be folded into an upcoming branch release of the agent plug-in.

Applies To

Symantec Management Agent   7.1.15350.8350 
Altiris Application Metering Agent      7.1.7580   

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