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Ghost Explorer crashes when it tries to open a Ghost Image file


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Ghost Solution Suite


Ghost Explorer crashes when opening a Ghost Image file.


The crash of Ghost Explorer may be caused by a Ghost Image file with a corrupted header.  Ghost explorer reads the drive structure size from the header of *.gho files and then allocates the associated amount of memory needed to open and modify the image file. If the drive structure size is corrupted and incorrectly reported as very large, Ghost explorer tries to allocate too much memory and crashes.


Symantec Development has provided replacement files to Ghost Solution Suite 2.5.1 as build to fix this problem. These files can be obtained by contacting Symantec Technical Support. This patch applies to GSS 2.5.1 build or above, so please make sure that you have upgraded to GSS 2.5.1 before applying the patch.

Caution: Applying these files to Ghost builds prior to may cause damage the program.