Check Software Update Packge Integrity Job fails to execute on the Child SMP in a hierarchy.


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Assembled hierarchy. Configured the Check Software Update Package Integrity Job to run on the Parent SMP.

Viewed the Child SMP; found the process for the CSUPI Job is not executing on schedule.


Found this issue is within the code of this version.


Will be resolved in Patch Management 7.5.1193

Work around; The job needs to be executed on the Child SMP. May need to execute the SQL to disconnect the associations from Parent SMP to Child SMP regarding this task. 

Note: Keep in mind that this task shouldn't be ran on a schedule, for it only needs to be ran when there is a question or concern regarding package integrity. This is maybe once a month, or less, to ensure any unused updates are deleted, and update the package data if the download location was recently changed.

Applies To

Patch Management 7.1 SP1 & SP2