Symantec Management Platform and site server cannot communicate with each other


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Mobile Management


Symantec Management Platform is unable to communicate with one or more site servers. In some cases, one or more site servers may be unable to communicate with Symantec Management Platform.


When SSL is required and the certificate does not match the host name of the computer it is installed upon. This can occur in scenarios where the external address (for device-to-Mobile Management server communication) does not match the host name on the internal network. When this condition exists, the SSL calls are not trusted and communication fails.


First, override the Symantec Management Platform to Mobile Management Server communication setting so that the Symantec Management Platform uses the external address.

  1. Go to Home > Mobile Management > Settings > Management Servers
  2. In the right pane, click the Mobile Management Server that you want to reconfigure and then on the tool bar, click on the edit icon (pencil).
  3. In the Override settings for [server] window, under NS to MMS communication, check the Override server connection info option.
  4. If your environment requires HTTPS, select Use https
  5. Enter the external address of the Mobile Management Server into the Server name override field.
  6. Enter the Mobile Management Server port number that is used for external communications.
  7. Click OK

Second, change the hosts file on the Symantec Management Platform computer so that the external address is routed to the correct internal IP address. Do the same on the site server computer.