URL definitions do not get updated on Symantec Protection Engine servers running on Windows platforms.


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The URL definitions do not get updated on the Symantec Protection Engine server running on Windows platforms. In some cases, the Symantec Protection Engine service crashes while updating the definitions, while in other cases, the LiveUpdate page shows the URL definition status as “Rolled Back”.

You might see following if Symantec Protection Engine doesn't start:

1. SymantecProtectionEngineAbortLog.txt in "Scan Engine" directory might contain similar entries:

012/12/19-13:42:45 400 CSAPI failed to initialize.
2012/12/19-13:42:45 0 Symantec Protection Engine is shutting down; logs may contain more information.

2. Symantec Protection Engine logs might contain similar entries:

"URL scanner initialization failed"


Please upgrade to Symantec Protection Engine 7.0.1.


If it's not possible to upgrade at the moment, one of following workarounds/solutions could be considered:

Solution #1:

1. Create a file “ssejvm.config” in the Symantec Protection Engine installation directory (the ssejvm.config file is used to control the Java Virtual Machine initialization values).

2. Make sure the file has the Read and Write permissions.

3. Enter the following parameters:


4. Restart the Symantec Protection Engine service.
Symantec Protection Engine should now be able to update the URL definitions successfully.

Note: The Minimum JVM memory (Xms) may be set to any value between 32MB to 384MB, while the Maximum JVM memory (Xmx) should NOT exceed 384MB. If the Xmx value is set above 384MB, the issue of the URL definitions not getting updated may reoccur.


Solution #2: in situation when SPE crashes and can't be started:

1. Stop SPE/SSE service

2. Get the initial URL defs for your version of SPE (please don't use defs from different SPE/SSE version!) - see attachment(s) to this KB article.

3. In Definitions folder rename the URLListLookup folder to URLListLookup.old

4. Decompress the initial URLs file to Definitions folder (it should recreate URLListLookup folder)

5. Create ssejvm.config file as described above

6. Only when done, start SSE again and enable URL defs update, do note it's better to run the update with GUI closed (java performance).


Solution #3: SPE can be reinstalled without activating URL definitions during instalation phase. After ssejvm.config is created SPE can be restarted and URL definitions update can be started again.







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