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"Error running codesign" when building Symantec App Center App


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In the App Center Builder tool, when trying to execute the build and upload, the following error occurs.


Error running codesign
/var/folders/7m/34qw_wz14nb85g6jsq_3x9f00000gp/T/53D5F967-036E-4B69-8A6A-C0B003D451B8-9957-0000EC214CE49F8E/Payload/ replacing existing signature
codesign_allocate: object: /private/var/folders/7m/34qw_wz14nb85g6jsq_3x9f00000gp/T/53D5F967-036E-4B69-8A6A-C0B003D451B8-9957-0000EC214CE49F8E/Payload/ malformed object (unknown load command 37)
/var/folders/7m/34qw_wz14nb85g6jsq_3x9f00000gp/T/53D5F967-036E-4B69-8A6A-C0B003D451B8-9957-0000EC214CE49F8E/Payload/ object file format unrecognized, invalid, or unsuitable


This error occurs if the Command Line Tools for Xcode are an old version, or are not installed.



  1. Ensure Xcode 4.5, or later, is installed on the Mac OS X computer
  2. Download and install the latest Xcode Command Line Tools for the applicable Mac OS X version: 



For more information, see Building a native iOS App Center App using the App Center Builder.

Applies To

  • Symantec App Center 4.x



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