Error ‘Credential not set for asset < Server_name>’ in Control Compliance Suite(CCS) v11.0 for Oracle configured database asset.


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Control Compliance Suite Databases Oracle


The issue is faced when asset type : Oracle configured database is imported using the 'Add Asset' option in CCS 11.0 . Even when all the credentials for the database and server  are properly configured in the credential view of CCS 11.0.


The issue is caused if in the Asset properties of the Oracle configured database , the ‘Server Netbios Name’ is not set exactly same as the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the Oracle Server .


Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Delete the Oracle Configured  database from CCS 11.0 console . Do not delete the UNIX machine asset corresponding to the Oracle Server from the asset system( presuming that the Oracle Server is imported into the CCS 11.0 console as a UNIX machine and its credentials are properly set and it is retrieving proper results if UNIX based queries are executed ).
  2. Using the 'Add Asset' option , import the Oracle database . This time specify the ‘Server Netbios Name’ same as the FQDN of the Oracle server . Example :
    • FQDN( of Oracle Server) :
    • Server Netbios Name :
  3. Complete the Add Asset Wizard..
  4. Specify the credentials for the database again , if required . Execute an Oracle Server specific query like ‘Oracle Server Configuration’ scoping to the Oracle database . The error should be eliminated now.