IT Analytics reports that use data from Asset Management's Software Product list do not update


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IT Analytics Asset Management Solution


When using any IT Analytics report that uses data from Asset Management's Software Product list, the reports do not update or show any data.


Defect, Etracks 2681897, 2969044 and 2997770.

The InvHist_SoftwareProduct_InstallationInfo and/or InvHist_SoftwareProduct_ComplianceInfo tables are not populating. This results in related IT Analytics reports being not updated or empty.


This issue will be resolved in a future version of Asset Management / IT Analytics.

A workaround is to run one the attached SQL scripts before processing the affected IT Analytics cubes. These must always ran before the cubes are processed, not just once. These scripts will populate the two affected history tables, enabling IT Analytics to process and then report on their data successfully.

The attached SQL scripts are internally linked to this article. Please contact Symantec Technical Support to obtain a copy of these and for assistance implementing them.

Applies To

Asset Management 7.1 SP2.


Populate InvHist_SoftwareProduct_InstallationInfo.txt get_app
Populate InvHist_SoftwareProductComplianceInfo_Delta.sql get_app