Does the SEPM support use of Microsoft SQL database mirroring?


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Endpoint Protection


Does Microsoft SQL database mirroring work with the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) version 11.x or version 12.1?


SQL database mirroring is not supported by SEPM 11.x and is supported by SEPM 12.1.

When the SEPM Management Server Configuration Wizard is run, an IP address or machine name hosting the database is specified. The 12.1 SEPM will work with a SQL cluster using a specified/unique Ip address with no additional overhead.

Because the SEPM is normally intended to use a single SQL database instance, it will not natively “failover” between two databases in the cluster.

So if SQL database mirroring is implemented, re-run the SEPM Management Server Configuration Wizard to use the clustered SQL database IP address.