Mapping of PGP Product Names to Symantec Encryption


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Symantec Corporation has rebranded the PGP product line to better reflect the Symantec identity. PGP products have been renamed and are now a part of the Symantec Encryption product family. Some features and components in the newly branded products may still contain some PGP components. This article provides a mapping of product names for PGP products to their new Symantec product names.



PGP Desktop Products


Legacy PGP Product Name Symantec Product Name
PGP Desktop Symantec Encryption Desktop
PGP Whole Disk Encryption      Symantec Drive Encryption
PGP Desktop Email Symantec Desktop Email Encryption
PGP NetShare Symantec File Share Encryption
PGP Desktop Storage Symantec Encryption Desktop Storage
PGP Desktop Professional Symantec Encryption Desktop Professional
PGP Desktop Corporate Symantec Encryption Desktop Corporate


PGP Universal Server Products


Legacy PGP Product Name Symantec Product Name
PGP Universal Server Symantec Encryption Management Server
PGP Universal Gateway Email Symantec Gateway Email Encryption
PGP Universal Web Messenger Symantec Encryption Web Email Protection
PGP Verified Directory Symantec Encryption Verified Directory
PGP PDF Messenger Symantec Encryption PDF Email Protection
PGP Universal Satellite Symantec Encryption Satellite


PGP Mobile Products


Legacy PGP Product Name Symantec Product Name
 Symantec PGP Viewer for iOS  Symantec Mobile Encryption for iOS