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Unable to locate who is System Administrator for SEPM


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Endpoint Protection


Logged in User had only administrator right and was unaware who is System administrator for SEPM

As administrators are unable to view the System administrator after login in to SEPM console.
There are three types of users in SEPM.
1. System Administrator - Administrators with full access rights for all domains and areas of Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (Built-in account which cannot be deleted).
2. Administrator - An Administrator has full access and permission within a domain, however would not be able to configure management or enforcer servers.
3. Limited Administrator - Administrators with assigned access and permissions for specific groups. When you add a limited administrator, you can also define reporting rights, group rights, command rights, and policy rights.



Administrators are unable to view the System administrator after login in to SEPM console. And user was not aware who is the system administrator.



 How to locate System Administrator in SEPM refer to below mentioned steps:

 1) Browse to <SEPM>\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\tomcat\etc

2) Open the mailConfig.properities in a text editior.

3) Locate the line [email protected]

4) The 'xxx' should be the System Administrator username.Make a note of it.

5) Try to login with this user.

If the user is unable to remember the password and would like to reset it then refer to these steps to reset the password.

1) On the SEPM login screen click on"Forgot your password" link.

2) Type the username noted in point #4 in "How to locate System Administrator in SEPM".

3) Type the Domain name. This is optional if there is only one Domain configured in the SEPM.

4) An email will be sent to the address in adminMailReciptants with a link to activate the temporary password.

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