Need to restore data from backup on existing servers in cluster environment


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When doing a restore from backup on PGP Universal Servers that are in a clustered environment, the server it will not keep the restored data as it is older than the data that is currently on the server.


Since the information is older than what the other server contains in its database, replication will delete all of the restored data.


Use the following steps to resolve the issue. 


1. Remove the joining server from the sponsoring server by clicking System > Clustering on the sponsor server and then click the Delete icon next the joined server you want to remove.

2. Restore from a previous backup by clicking System > System Backups on the sponsor server admin interface and then click Restore next to the appropriate backup file.

     NOTE: If you have a backup file for your server that is not on the list of backups but from which you would like to restore, click Upload Backup, locate the backup file, and then click Restore.

3. Reinstall the joining PGP Universal Server from the ISO image.

4. Once the joining server is installation is complete, rebuild clustering between the sponsoring and joining servers.

5. Click System > Clustering on the sponsor server and then click Add Cluster Member and specify the hostname or IP address of the newly installed joining server.

6. On the joining server, initiate a Join Cluster request (System > Clustering).


This will replicate the data that was restored on the sponsor server back to the newly installed joining server.