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Reporting.log file is not created


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Endpoint Protection


In troubleshooting a problem with Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager, you need to see the contents of the reporting.log file, but the file does not exist.


This is a known problem with Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager. The reporting.log file is not created by default, and logging does not occur unless the file exists.


Symantec is investigating this problem in order to determine a solution. This document will be updated when new information or a solution becomes available.

To work around this problem, create an empty text file named reporting.log in the following folder:

<installation folder>\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\apache\logs\

When the file exists, Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager can log to it successfully. Note that problems that occurred before the creation of the reporting.log file will not be added to the log.