Customizing the email message sent by Exchange for quarantined or blocked devices


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You have configured access control to Exchange ActiveSync using the Exchange Allow/Block/Quarantine (ABQ) rules and want to know how to customize the email message that is sent to blocked or quarantined mobile devices.


NOTE: These are instructions for configuring a third-party component or application and are provided as a convenience only. Symantec cannot be responsible for changes in the third-party product which may render this article obsolete.

To customize the email message:

  1. On the Exchange UI instance, go to Manage My Organization > Phone & Voice > ActiveSync Access.
  2. Under Settings, click Edit.
  3. Enter the customized text where indicated. Simple HTML is supported.
  4. Click Save.

For additional details, see the Microsoft article, Customize E-mails for Blocked or Quarantined Devices at

Applies To

Symantec Mobile Management 7.2 SP1