Antispam definitions are not getting updated - http error 403 (Forbidden)


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Messaging Gateway


Antispam definitions are not getting updated. Looking at Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) GUI following can be observed:

- License is registered and seems applied correctly on SMG dashboard status

- Wall ID is assigned to the SMG scanner (under Hosts->Configuration)

- Antispam definitions (as shown on SMG dashboard) are not updating, possibly showing very old date


in conduit log following entries are present (as example):

2012-08-30T16:58:19+02:00 (DEBUG:23436.89246608): [src/bmi_report_stats.cpp:672:post_stats] Posting to :
2012-08-30T16:58:19+02:00 (DEBUG:23436.89246608): [src/bmi_report_stats.cpp:746:post_stats] Appending HTTP header: 'Conduit;$Name: smgapp954-2012-05-18_01 $;SMSA v9.5.4;linux.i386;hwapp'
2012-08-30T16:58:19+02:00 (DEBUG:23436.89246608): [src/bmi_report_stats.cpp:791:post_stats] performing http post: file(, url(/data/scanner/stats/reporter.2841.1346161250.xmit)
2012-08-30T16:58:21+02:00 (WARNING:23436.89246608): [12443] The post stats request failed: file(/data/scanner/stats/reporter.2841.1346161250.xmit), url(, http 403 (Forbidden).


Following should be evaluated:

- firewall/network connectivity problems (blocked ports, application layer filtering on the firewall should be disabled)

- license files should be re-registered, with previously removing old license files and certificates - please contact Symantec support for assistance with this