How to use the TSO user ID as DSN HLQ when using the GUI?
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How to use the TSO user ID as DSN HLQ when using the GUI?


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Mainframe Application Tuner


How can I use my TSO user ID as High Level Qualifier for the Monitor Data Set Name when using the Graphical User interface?


Component: MATUNE


By default, the user ID of the CA MAT Server started task is being used - this is working as designed.


Because the GUI is always using the GLOBAL profile, there are only two possibilities to use another HLQ for the monitor data set.


The first possibility is to add an HLQ in the GLOBAL parameters, which can be used by the MAT GUI users:


CA MAT ----------------------- Profile Parameters ----------------------------

COMMAND ===>                                                                 


Primary Commands: JOBcard     UEXclear                        Status: ACTIVE 

                                                                   More:     +


    CA MAT Server ID   ===> MATUNER       Confirm deletes   ===> Y            

    Invoke monitor     ===> NO            (when exiting Monitor Criteria panel)

    Batch reports      ===> N             (automatically generate reports)    


  Active Jobs Panel                                                           

    Select command    ===> ISF ST /                                           


  Monitor Data Set Options                                                    

    Monitor data set  ===> 'CAMAT.&USERID.&PROFILE.&SYSDATE.&SYSTIME'               

    Tracks primary    ===> 100            Tracks secondary  ===> 100          

    Data set generic  ===> SYSALLDA       Volume serial     ===>              





If you, for instance, add CAMAT as the very first qualifier here, that applies for all users of course.


The second possibility is to add your own TSO user ID when adding a new monitor definition via GUI as follows:


<Please see attached file for image>

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