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Juniper SRX logs are not received by the SRX collector


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Security Information Manager


Juniper SRX events were not redirected to the SSIM  Juniper SRX Event collector v5.0.x by the Syslog director v4.3

No errors but Juniper SRX events were re-directed to the Generic Syslog collector instead


The Juniper SRX collector was registered on all SSIM appliances from SSIM  Web UI but was not installed on the appliances itself.

Notice that the junipersrx collector directory does not exist on the following directory on the SSIM  appliance /opt/Symantec/sesa/Agent/collectors/


Install the file install-junipersrxcollector.jar onto the collector appliances from the SSIM Web UI-->Maintenance-->System Updates-->Install.

Applies To

4 SSIM 2 correlators with LDAP replication+2 collectors)