Control Compliance Suite (CCS) 11.0 LiveUpdate Configuration


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Information required to enable LiveUpdate for all parts of Symantec Control Compliance Suite. 


PREREQUISITES: LiveUpdate requires a Symanted Control Compliance Suite (CCS) Maintenance License to work.

To enable LiveUpdate on Agents

  • Start | Programs | Symantec Control Compliance Suite | Agent Configuration
  • In Configure CCS Agent, click on LiveUpdate 
  • Select “Enable LiveUpdate on this agent from all registered manager“


  • Select “Enable LiveUpdate on this agent from selected registered manager”
  • Click “Apply” and Close.

Configure settings in Symantec LiveUpdate applet in Control Panel

  • Go to Control Panel and Open “Symantec LiveUpdate (32-bit)”.
  • In “General” tab | Select Express mode and select required sub-option or you can select Interactive mode.
  • Express Mode: LiveUpdate automatically installs all the updates.
  • Interactive Mode: LiveUpdate downloads a list of updates available. You can then choose which product updates you want to install.
  • Configure required Proxy settings for FTP, HTTP and ISP (ISP – Dial up settings).  (If you don’t use proxy to access internet, select “I do not use a proxy server….” for FTP and HTTP.)
  • Click Apply and OK to close.

Ensure that the required LiveUpdate services are running

  • Automatic LiveUpdate Scheduler Service.
  • LiveUpdate Service.

 About the LiveUpdate staging location

  • The LiveUpdate client downloads the updates to the LiveUpdate staging area at the default location: %allusersprofile%\Symantec\CCS\LiveUpdateStaging
  • The default staging location can be modified by creating a text file named “LUStagingLocation.txt” in the <common_app_data>\Symantec\CCS directory.   The file must contain a single line of text that with the fully qualified path to the desired staging location.
  • If LUStagingLocation.txt does not exist in this directory, cannot be read, or is empty, LiveUpdate uses the default staging location

 Configure LiveUpdate In CCS 11 Console

  • Manage | LiveUpdate
  • Global Tasks | Manage Credentials | Add user for LiveUpdate
  • Global Tasks | Click “Enable Updates Download.”
  • Common Tasks | Click “Refresh”
  • Common Tasks | Click “Check Updates” (a Full Health & Status job will run to check for new updates. Let the job finish)
  • The update packages will not appear until the LiveUpdate process has finished. Refresh the LiveUpdate workspace to see the update packages listed there.
  • Once the update packages appear in the LiveUpdate workspace, run “Deploy Updates” job (Automatic Updates Installation job).


  • When the “Automatic Updates Installation” (Deploy Updates) job starts it aborts all the other running jobs. Do not run the update deployment job while there are critical jobs running.
  • An internet connection is required on all the machines with CCS11 components.  If a direct internet connection is restricted on some of the machines it is possible to use LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x (LUA 2.x).
    • LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x is an optional component which allows updates to be downloaded to a central location and made available for multiple Symantec products. All CCS components can be updated using LUA 2.x. 

See the following document for information on the ports required for LiveUpdate communication: