How to add custom metrics to Self Monitoring Certifications
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How to add custom metrics to Self Monitoring Certifications


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How to add new metrics to the existing default Self Monitoring Certifications

How can the following new metrics that don't currently exist be added for reporting purposes?


  • Polled Device Count 
  • Total Devices and Elements Ping Failed 
  • Total Devices and Elements SNMP Failed 
  • Poll Cycle Interval (Seconds)



All current CA Performance Manager releases


The self-monitoring certifications are not user extendable by design. The data that backs those certifications is code which queries variables found in yet other code sets. They are not the expected SNMP certifications written in XML that are user extendable. This is why they do not appear under the http://<DA_Host>:8581/typecatalog/certifications/snmp URLs for review and editing.

As a result any new metric added to the Self Monitoring certifications require proprietary coding to supply values to Self Monitoring certifications.

If you do not see a metric currently available in a Self-Monitor Certification it can be added. It can normally be added to a custom On-Demand report, or by creating a new custom Dashboard or custom Views. 

Both items in this request should be submitted as Idea requests via the CA Performance Manager public community site. 

  1. Ability to edit/modify default Self Monitoring Certifications
  2. New metrics added to default Self Monitoring Certifications