Microsoft Visio 2007 cannot be launched via Microsoft Apps Virtualization client when PGP Desktop client 10.2.x is installed


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After upgrading to PGP Desktop 10.2, users are no longer able to connect to Microsoft Visio 2007 hosted on a Microsoft Application Virtualization Server.
This issue disappears with a downgrade to 10.1.2 SP3.

No error message. Unable to launch hosted application.


This is a 3rd party issue related to Microsoft products.

There are currently no plans fixing this issue with Microsoft Application Virtualization, Microsoft Visio 2007and PGP Desktop 10.2 on Windows XP.


You can use one of the following workarounds to solve this problem:

  1. The issue only occurs on Windows XP. Using Windows 7 prevents this problem.
  2. The issue does not occur on local Visio installations. A local installation of Office 2007 should be considered if PGP Desktop is going to be used with App-V on Windows XP.
  3. Create a folder named "office12" in the following folder on the client machine where the virtualized Visio will be accessed (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\office12).


Applies To

The problem was reported in the following environment:

Windows XP SP3 32bit on Client
Microsoft Application Virtualization server (App-V), Application Virtualization client
Microsoft Visio 2007 12.0.6325.5000 on App-V
PGP Desktop 10.2 MP2 HF4 (Build 2233) or PGP Desktop 10.2 MP3