Custom field not visible in WSP form


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After adding custom fields and running pdm_publish, some custom fields may not be visible on WSP forms or when running pdm_extract

How to address an issue where some custom fields are not visible in WSP forms or when running pdm_extract?




This can happen due to unexpected issue during the pdm_publish process that result in the published fields not added to the ddict.sch file.


To address this issue, check the following:


i. Fields are correctly added to the physical table in database

ii. Field show up when running bop_sinfo command for the object in question

iii. Fields are visible in the wspcol table

iv. Fields are added to the wsp.mods file


If the the above 4 conditions are met, it is save to simply copy the fields from wsp.mod and add them to the ddict.sch file for the table in question and then recycle the services. Once the missing fields are added to the ddict.sch file they will be visible on WSP form or to pdm_extract output.