Add or modify users allowed to submit suspected spam messages in Messaging Gateway


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Messaging Gateway


During configuration of spam message submissions in Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG), there are questions regarding which users will be able to submit messages for rule creation.


Messaging Gateway 10.x or later


The default is "Allowed - Only administrators and email addresses on this list can submit messages". This setting allows BCC administrators with submission rights to submit messages for rule creation.

If you want to allow any user to send submissions, change to "Blocked - Only email addresses on this list will be prevented from submitting messages" and leave the list empty. This is NOT RECOMMENDED due to an SMTP submission with a valid, customer specific tracker could potentially result in customer specific rule creation (or deactivation) from any e-mail address on the Internet.

Please use caution when managing the Submitter List and only allow email addresses of trusted users.

While SMG Administrators can create can create rules that cannot be overridden by end user submissions and delete any rules that are created by addresses that they do not trust, it is important to exercise discretion when extending submission rights to end users.