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How does the new Rulespace ruleset in SWG5.1 affect URL filtering behavior?


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Web Gateway


In preparation for upgrading Symantec Web Gateway to version 5.1, you seek a technical description of the behavioral changes in filtering that will occur due to changing the URL filtering ruleset from the ISS (formerly IBM Cobion) ruleset to the Rulespace ruleset.


As a result of the change in URL Filtering ruleset, you may notice the following changes in SWG filtering behavior:

1. URL's that were previously detected may now be detected in a different category. Please see attached word .doc for a map of old categories to new categories.

2. When SWG detects URL's embedded within a webpage, SWG will now record the detection against the embedded URL which triggered the detection, rather than the URL for the page containing the embedded URL.

3. Overall, SWG reports fewer URL's as category "Unknown URL" or "Unclassified URL".

4. Visiting the default index page for some popular blogging web sites may result in an event for that domain with a category of "Unknown URL". In several cases, top-level domains for blog sites are deliberately left as "Unclassified" so that individual blog pages will be categorized individually within the ruleset. Examples:,



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